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I have found the secret to long life and happiness, for it is said, "God does not subtract from the allotted days of man, those that are spent with fishing rod in hand."

I'm not sure how true that is, but I can assure you, days spent at the creek, river, or tranquil lake, while you angle for that elusive brown, will bring you much happiness and time for reflection.

My name is Jim and I live near Seattle, WA. When I first went to work for Boeing, my shop all ready had a James, and the supervisor went by Jimmy, so to keep things straight, my coworkers started calling me JP. (My ex says it stands for Jumbo Pain, but I'm not sure what she meant by that, so I'm taking it as a compliment.)

When I'm not mountain climbing, scuba diving, fly fishing, or getting a kidney transplant, I play around at being a writer. My first novel, 'E' is for Evil, was written in 1995. It has been gathering dust for over five years, and would be still, if it weren't for Bill Lopez, who graciously set this site up for me, Tanzan Zen (another James), and Marti Linder, creator of the Cyberhug. (You all know who you are, and I thank you!)

If you find yourself reading this novel, enjoy! All the people in the book are real and may be living in a neighborhood near you. If you have any comments or gripes, please click on the link and send them to me. Any comments and all help will be appreciated. Don't forget, if you've ever considered writing, what are you waiting for? Get typing!

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If you have comments, criticism, or have found typographical, spelling, or grammatical errors, please let me know.

You will find more short-stories and poetry at The Pseudonym,
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